Speeding in North Carolina is a serious issue. North Carolina issued more than half a million speeding tickets in 2017, Wake County led the state with 34,029 of the total 527,747 tickets written. Guilford, Mecklenburg, Forsyth, and Cabarrus Counties, make up the remaining top five issuers of traffic tickets. North Carolina counties with higher populations and counties along major interstates (I-40 & I-95) typically issue more speeding tickets. (source: The Raleigh News & Observer)

What should you do if you get a traffic ticket in Alamance County?

We suggest the following:

  • Follow the directions of the law enforcement officer in a calm and respectful manner.
  • Provide the officer with the following information.
    – drivers license
    – insurance information
    – vehicle registration
  • Calmly ask for details about your traffic stop.
  • Get a copy of the speeding ticket and any other pertinent documentation. Note your court dates and other deadlines.
  • Call John Cox Law at (336) 221-9292, if your citation was issued in Alamance County.
  • For other North Carolina counties seek referrals from friends or family, or look at online referral resources such as Find Law and Avvo.

We recommend you always speak to a legal professional before paying a traffic violation. If handled incorrectly, a traffic ticket can result in an increase in your insurance premium. Many traffic tickets may result in a revoked license; do not take that risk. John Cox has handled thousands of Alamance County traffic ticket cases and he has the experience in Alamance County to get you the best outcome. By hiring John Cox Law, you will save time, money and avoid an unnecessary mistake.

John Cox is an accomplished attorney and will cater his defense to your specific case. He will use his experience to fight for you. Many traffic attorneys represent tens of hundreds of clients at any given time, he will examine every aspect of your situation because you are not just ‘another case’. Call John Cox Law at (336) 221-9292he will help you save time, money and work to get you the best outcome. . Don’t just pay the fine and face increased insurance premiums and or a possible revoked license.   For more information about Speeding Tickets in North Carolina: North Carolina DPS: Traffic Tickets North Carolina Bar – Finding a Lawyer North Carolina Judicial Branch:  Traffic Violations Speeding Tickets:  Where Does Your State Rank?  

The First Speeding Ticket

The very first speeding ticket was awarded to a lead-footed New York City taxi driver on May 20, 1899, just about 115 years ago. His offense? Blazing through downtown Manhattan at a blistering 12 miles per hour. (At the time, the speed limit was 8 miles per hour, as long as you were on a straightaway.) For his offense, the driver was arrested and imprisoned in the East 22nd Street station house. (source: Insurance Zebra)

Speeding Tickets Issued Annually

Each year in America police officers hand out 41 million speeding tickets. That’s 112,000 a day, 4,666 per hour, 77 per minute (source: Credit Donkey).


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